Central Institute of Family Medicine is S.E.C.P. registered organization established for the promotion of family medicine and education of family physicians. Its office is situated in Lahore and it operates through its district chapters throughout Pakistan.


Central Institute of Family Medicine

The organization is managed by the Chief Executive Officer and Directors. The CEO is mainly responsible for the overall operations of the organization and the policy making for the organization. The CEO acts as a secretary to the Academic Council and the Advisory Council. The Director Administration is responsible for day-to-day administrative matters, marketing, human resource, finances and record keeping.

The objectives of the college and the activities of the college are implemented through the district chapters. The district chapter presidents are local family physicians of the district and are selected for a term of three years from among the respective district members. The members report to the CEO and are facilitated by the Director Admin.

Advisory Council

The advisory council consists of renowned health care professionals from Pakistan and abroad who advice to the college on educational and collaborative matters.

The Specialist members of Advisory Council are:
Prof. Shakila Zaman (Public Health)
Prof. Tariq Zaman (Dermatology)
Prof. Adil Akhter(Pediatrician)
The Family Medicine members of Advisory Council are:
Prof. Riaz Qureshi
Prof. Waris Qidwai
Prof. Abdul Naeem
Prof. Tariq Mahmood Mian
Prof. Aftab Iqbal
Prof. Altaf Cheema
Prof. Arshad Humayun
Prof. Fazeel-uz-Zaman Alvi
Prof. Ijaz Anwar
Prof. Manzoor Janjua
Prof. Nadeem Khawaja
Prof. Noor Akhtar
Prof. Shaharyar Bhatti
Prof. Tariq Aziz
Dr. Jamshaid Ahmed (WHO)

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the apex body for the approval of academic programs. It consists of at least six professors of Family Medicine. The chair is selected by the members of the committee for a period of three years.

Academic Council members are:

Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi
Prof. Marie Andrades
Prof. Saima Iqbal
Prof. Nasir Shah
Prof. Tayyaba Samad (AFPP)
Prof. Mazhar-ul-Islam (PAFP)
Prof. Basharat Ali (PSFP)
Prof. Shahid Shahab (FMEC)

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